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Textiles – We are proud to have several artists working in the fine art textiles arena. Each creates very different signature work ranging from rugs to weaving to textile wall art. Each has an extensive inventory of artwork available for fabric enthusiasts and collectors. We think you will enjoy viewing these artworks up close and personal.

  • Goodman, Gary - Handmade Rag Rugs
  • Judd, Jean M. – Hand Stitched Textile Wall Art
  • Romero-Ackerman, Angelica – Tapestries
  • Stuck, Cynthia – Weaving
  • Trice, Ann - Hand Crafted Orb Weaving with stones
      Jean Judd
Textile artist Jean M. Judd has been constructing textile artworks for over twenty-five years incorporating dense hand stitching which gives visual and physical texture to her work. Her work includes pieced work using commercial fabrics as well as rust pigmentation and non-traditional dyeing techniques. More recent work uses whole cloth construction with her hand dyed and painted fabrics and rust pigmentation along with her signature hand stitching. Each piece is unique and her work can be found in many private art collections around the world.

She exhibits her award-winning artwork nationally in juried fine art exhibitions and is represented by several fine art galleries across the United States. She is also the author of several books describing her processes, artistic philosophy, and experiences with artist residencies.

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