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23 October
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Curtis Dale

Attraction to the camera came early, and my parents helped me create a darkroom in our farmhouse when I was in the fourth grade. Waiting until nightfall and putting blankets over the windows transformed it into a place where I could explore the magic of turning a fleeting perception into something that could be held, studied, and shared. The excitement took hold and endured. As the years brought a series of moves along with college, a “day job,” and family, my passion for photography grew as I came to better understand its power to communicate independent of time and space.

I want my work to stir the emotions and bring awareness of the viewer's own memories. Sometimes they contain people or suggest their presence; other times they show only a bit of Creation itself. Most compositions are simple ones that invite the eye to linger on the subject and the mind to draw meaning from it. I teach my students that everyone can learn to “see” better – to notice things that they used to miss, and to see how objects, light, and shadow can be arranged to draw and hold the viewer’s interest. I hope that my work attracts your eye, and leads you to see something new.

23 October

All Images © Curtis Dale

Historic Isaac Staples Sawmill
402 N. Main Street
in downtown Stillwater.

11 - 5 Mon - Fri
Noon - 5 Sun