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Blue Platter
Blue and Beige Platter
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Lynnea Schwieters

I use cone 10 porcelain and most of my work is done on a wheel. After the clay dries for a day, I carve a design into the surface. When the incising is complete, I let the clay rest to a green ware stage. Next there is trimming, sanding and loading the bone dry piece to be bisque fired in the kiln and fire to cone 06 1850F. I then apply my glazes by spraying in multiple layers which helps give the piece surface depth. My glaze firing temperature is 2270 cone 9 in an oxidation kiln.

My passion for clay started in High School. My ceramic teacher invited me to participate in several art festivals in the area including the Renaissance Festival, Early American Art Festival and the Jazz Festival. After Technical College I entered the legal field. I married, and had three sons. As the boys grew older I felt the necessity to return to clay. In 2000 I met clay artist and instructor Ernest Miller and began independent study at his studio at the Northrup King Building, Minneapolis, MN. We studied form and glazes until 2005. My studio is located in Hugo Minnesota.

Blue Platter

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