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Bowl with Wood and Leaf Design
Red Vase with Floral

Stoneware Vessel with Twine





Melissa Turner

The pottery I create is stoneware with earthy glazes pulling from nature’s inspiration. The majority of the pottery is thrown on the wheel with sculptural elements and carvings. Leather, twine and vine are incorporated into the pieces to add dimension. My shiny new kiln adds an original stretch to the line I draw for my pieces. My work is in static mode and every time I open my kiln is a happy dance. The good, the beautiful and not so beautiful are my creations first to visualize. It is the driving force to refine a step and push again to a new step. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I have enjoyed creating the pieces. Each one is one of kind and each has its own unique visual texture and design.

Bowl with Wood and Leaf Design

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