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Pottery Classes in the Studio with Kathy Adamek

I offer beginning and intermediate classes for adults at the Art Guild Gallery Studio. We concentrate on hand-building and slab methods to create functional and sculptural pieces. We begin with tiles and trays and go to serving bowls, mugs and sculpture. Low-fire earthenware, both red and white clay, is used to form the piece (the form) and the decoration follows by applying underglazes (almost unlimited color palette) to the dried piece. We'll fire it up, apply a clear glaze, fire it again and wow! You did it!

I try to take the class beyond the technical building of pottery by teaching each student to discover their own personal style and creative side. Emphasis is on fun, learning to think a little differently and making great pottery.

A minimum of 4 classes is needed to allow time for making the pots, drying, decorating, glazing and 2 firings.

There is a limit of 4 students per class to allow for individual attention (and enough elbow room.)

Cost: $115 for 4 - 2½ hour classes. This includes clay, glazes, underglazes and firings.


Thursdays 10-12:30 and 6:30-9
Saturdays 10-12:30
Please call or email for information and reservations.
Kathy Adamek

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Warning! The ease of my methods and warm atmosphere of the pottery studio may cause a pottery addiction!

Open Studio:

Wednesdays 3-7; any student can just drop by to work on their pieces. I will be there to supervise and work on my own things.