Medium: Painting: Oil


Growing up during the sixties in what was once a rural area south of St. Paul, Minnesota I was greatly influenced by my mother, aunt and grandmother who encouraged me to keep drawing and painting.   I can remember always being outside enjoying the change of seasons and using whatever tools I had to create, including watercolors, crayons, pencils and painting sets.

While attending the University of St. Catherine I received a degree in elementary education and studied art as well. During the next thirty years of marriage, raising a family and working as a teacher my desire to create was always there.

I continued to take several artist workshops and classes which inspired me to work on my own at various methods of portraying a painting or drawing.

I continue to emphasize full, rich colors and enjoy working with both watercolors and palette knife oil paintings.

It is my hope to reach out to the viewer and convey a sense of feeling within each painting.

Top ten reasons why I paint:

– it brings joy into my life!

– I cannot imagine my life without painting.

– to see the reaction I sometimes get from others who view my work.

– to express a thought, an atmosphere, a movement or a beautiful scene or memory.

– to honor my family, and remember their encouragement.

– to release an emotion and give me peace.

– to strive to improve.

– to share a part of me with others.

– because I can hear mentors from my past telling me to “just keep painting!”

– and finally, because it is something I can pass on for future generations to view and enjoy and it allows me to say “I was here!”