Medium: Painting and  Mixed Media (watercolor pencils, pastels, light encaustic and beeswax)
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My name is Cara Frafjord and I live with my amazing family in Stillwater, MN. I
am a self taught multi-media artist. I specialize in small format art for tiny
houses and small spaces, although I have done large pieces as well.

I have developed a process beginning with watercolor pencils where I draw in my
piece. I move to oil pastels and use a combination of heat from a griddle and heat
gun to add burn to the canvas-paper or canvas, I typically work on which adds
interesting effect. At times it pulls the toothiness from the paper or can change
the color. I use light encaustic wax to bring additional color and beeswax to finish
some pieces. Each piece is experimental. Under heat, each reaction is different
which is why I enjoy this process so much.

I hold a special place in my heart for art inspired by nature and resilience.