Medium: Painting and Drawing: Oil and Pencil


I was raised in a small town in central Wisconsin.  My mother often laughed that ‘sending Donna to her room as punishment was no punishment at all as long ad she had pencil and paper.’  Early subjects of my art were mainly horses; I was certifiably horse crazy.


In the early 70’s I began to dabble with oil painting, after finding a cast-off easel.  I frequently filled requests for artwork from co-workers.  While living in Enumclaw, Washington, I began a friendship with a local artist who encouraged me to show my work.  I participated in a number of summer art shows, and was a feature artist at Judy G’s Frame Shop and Gallery.


In the mid-90’s, I relocated to St Paul, MN, and my artwork took second place to a regular paycheck and parental responsibilities.  Today, daughter married and grown, and retirement secure, I have the freedom to again explore, practice and share my ability.