Medium: Batik and Fabric Art.


Our understanding of what makes a subject special comes from our memories,
our stories, our sense of texture, taste, sound and smell. Trying to
visually represent the essence of an idea, of my own specific sense of
history, story, memory, and flavor is my challenge and my joy.

Batik is an imperfect process, but one that is perfect for me. It combines
everything I love most about art creation processes. It combines the
flexibility of fibers’ exquisite visual texture, yet requires careful
planning for layer after layer of color work required of printmaking, while
forcing a certain amount of adaptability embrace those “happy little
accidents” which are inevitable and give the work its sense of completion
and depth. When the piece is done being dyed with the last layer waxed
over, I get to “reveal” the project by melting the wax and uncovering the
true colors created by the combination of wax and dye, enjoying the mystery
until the last bit is removed.