This one month show begins June 27th and can be seen at the gallery (402 N. Main Street, downtown Stillwater, MN), in virtual tour on Facebook, Instagram and here on our website.

Being sequestered during the past two months has allowed us all to become more introspective. The seriousness of this experience has made its mark and it is reflected in the art that has been produced. “New Perspectives – same place” allows the viewer to see the thoughts and ideas that have emerged on canvas, captured by camera, in carvings, sculpted in metals, in pieces worked on lathes, and woven in fabrics. The written expressions that accompany each piece demonstrate the thoughts of the artists during this period.


Art gives a voice to injustice, rallies for change, mirrors beauty and inspires us to be better people.


Randall Raduenz

Title: “Mona visits 2020”

This piece was done as a commission for a local resident who wanted a reproduction of the Mona Lisa with Stillwater in the background. If you look closely you will notice Mona is holding a Covid mask in her left hand. I thought that it would be important to show what living in the world during the 2020 pandemic is like, changing everything in our lives, while still trying to live as normally as we can. I am lucky to be an artist for over forty years with people collecting my work, commissions and framing – especially during the stay-at-home order. Prints are available at the Stillwater Art Guild Gallery. $250

Contact: Gallery 651-689-0142 or RJR Studio 651-430-1265





Stephanie Gard Buss

Title: “Haven”

I’ve been struck by how nature continues on course despite the chaos brewing within humanity. Spring arrives, flowers bloom riotously, the moon continues its steadfast cycle. Home is our haven, and also our confinement. Still, our lights shine bright, communicating to our neighbors: We are still here.
6” x 6” Mixed media collage on birch panel, NFS.

Contact: Email: Phone: 651.402.6096



Carol Dittbenner

Title: “Lockdown”

Trapped, helpless and frustrated. We have all felt it, but finally, there is a glimmer of hope. The door has been unlocked and we will slowly open the door to the brighter future ahead.
16” x 20” framed watercolor, $125.



Pamela Brown

Title: “Loons on the Lake”
I love nature, I find strength and serenity from it. I drove by Goose Lake one day and the lake was covered with Loons. They are completely oblivious to the pandemic we are in and are just enjoying life. It was a comforting reminder about how life moves on. 8” x 10” acrylic on canvas, $95. Facebook: @ PaintingsbyPam

Contact:, or at 651-468-9626, text is preferred.


Stuart Lenz

Title: “Covid 19 – 100,000”

This piece speaks to the 100,000 Americans sacrificed so far to the Covid 19 epidemic. The prone figure lays on a cold dark slab of synthetic marble, covered by a sheet of copper as a shroud, while a golden winged figure rises that represents the life/spirit/sole as it departs.

Welded steel, copper and brass mounted on a synthetic marble base. The base is 4″ by 6″ and the sculpture stands 4.5″ tall. $95.

Contact: Stuart Lenz (651)484-0096


Patricia Duncan

Title: “Nature Takes the Credit”

This particular piece was created during the Covid19 pandemic. Amid this crisis, Plein air painting allows for social distancing and much opportunity for finding solitude and comfort in being present for inner reflection. Grateful to have these quiet moments and find beauty that surrounds us in our everyday lives. Pastel, 12”x 16”, $495.
Facebook: Patricia Duncan Instagram: mpatriciaduncan

Contact: Email: Phone: 612-644-6798



John Rajtar

Title: “Dagadana”

The color green and the awakening of Life really made a strong impact on me this Spring, seeing the world come alive after a winter’s sleep, in the buds, the grasses and leaves. My Spring “Pająk “ is a Polish tradition. I am celebrating the color green and Life!

3D Sculpture – hemp, dried peas, tissue paper, 18”W x 50”, $3500.

Contact: 612.275.5711 Instagram…RajStyles


Jessica Lynne Bennett

Title: “Strength Isn’t All Muscle”

The Corona Virus Pandemic has been full of uncertainty, disappointments and suffering. Early March, my youngest daughter, Sophia, told me that she was experiencing Covid symptoms. My heart sank and I have never felt so helpless in my entire life. Social distancing made it impossible to help her. I couldn’t watch her children for her, I couldn’t do for her all the things I wanted to do for her. I pulled out this small canvas and decided to paint my love for her. Horses always show up when I paint with her in my mind. This canvas, these colors, this horse – all a painted prayer for my daughter. 20” x 16”, acrylic on canvas, $325. Contact:


Diana Hatchitt

Title: “Wild”

Wild is my garden – it is a part of me.

The art of gardening has been my way of life for as long as I can remember.
Just as drawing and painting, with just as much passion and technique & love.
At the beginning of what has become known as the Pandemic my gardens came to mind. I started to sketch and create to get through those early cold months. And now here we are, a full blown pandemic and my gardens are flourishing. Mezzotint etching, framed, $85.




Kendra Schwabel

Title: “Garden Cottage”

I built this tiny garden cottage for 2 little neighbor girls who have visited me almost daily with handmade gifts during the Covid 19 Stay-at-Home time. The base is an empty Clorox Wipes dispenser covered in moss, tree bark and shakes and decorated with some of the little items they have brought to me.

Fairy garden cottage, 14” H, NFS.


Deborah Stull-Kinsley

Deb Stull-Kinsley

Title: “Reflecting Grace”

This experience offered a chance to think about the grace inherent in our lives – grace to deal with the unraveling of dreams, grace to love unconditionally our family safe at home, and grace to respond with confidence as communities re-open. I completed four watercolors that inspired a sense of grace within me. This is fourth in the series.

9” x 12” Watercolor, $275.

Contact: Wild River Arts Studio


Cara Frafjord

Title: “Someday”

Safer At Home. Those of us that struggle with autoimmune issues hunkered down. Longing for a time to be out in nature, looking for all the hidden gems that make our world so beautiful. For now, we daydream. Watercolor pencil, oil and pan pastels, light encaustic/beeswax, 5”x7” in 8”x10” frame, $100.



Jeanne DeBruin

Title: “HOPE”

Painting inspiration can come from anywhere, even from a poet 200 years ago.
Emily Dickinson’s poem “HOPE” captures us with its relevance today.
It faces uncertainty and nourishes our hope.
Acrylic on canvas, 12”x16”, $45.

Contact: Facebook: Whispering Woods Art Instagram: @jeanne.debruin


Lou Cunico

Title: “Small Neighborhood Library”

During this time of isolation, my thoughts centered around making a difference. I painted a Little Free Library a friend built, to be installed somewhere here in the St. Croix Valley. This is my small way of making the world a more harmonious place. It is for different ages of people I will never meet, who I hope will find enjoyment through reading and sharing.

Artist: Lou Cunico, Carpenter: Chuck Simpson. Oil painting on wood, NFS.


Jane Dierberger

Title: “New Perspective”

One of the emotions I experienced during the pandemic was a sense of loss of control, and the realization that humans may not necessarily be the final arbitrator. Perhaps nature is bigger than us after all? In this painting the earth ends up in a nest and finds itself at the mercy of mother nature. What will this bird do? Will she toss us out or will she love us? Original 20”x 20” acrylic on 2” gallery-wrap canvas. Contact Artist to purchase.  Prints available

Contact: website:



Monica Helland

Title: “I Can’t Breathe”

Artwork created to reflect on the Covid-19 Pandemic, Protests, and to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter. 20% of sales will be donated to West Broadway Business & Area Coalition to help rebuild small businesses in North Minneapolis that were damaged during the uprising. Screen Print, 18”x18”, $65 Framed, $30 Print. Prints available in the gallery for purchase/pickup.



Jean Singer

Title: “The Light Within”

The stagnancy of isolating at home during the Covid-19 pandemic had left me struggling to find inspiration, until I started editing this image. It’s in the tiny details, uncurling within a fog of similar days, that the joy and the magic can be found if you only notice them. 16” x 20” Framed Fine Art Photograph, $185

Contact information:



Mara Facile Miller

Title: “Sunscreen”

I was allowed an irreplaceably wonderful experience during the pandemic shut down. I was fortunate enough to have in-home care which allowed me the flexibility of completing my work tasks and spending significantly more time with my infant son. Our bond has grown, he’s been kept safe, and motherhood has been that much more fulfilling. The vibrancy of the colors, the loving embrace, and no nonsense every day task completion, shows how life goes on even in the midst of the frightening and new. 21” x 21” Batik , $450.




Faith Kelly

Title: “March 2020”

March 2020 was a reunion with family and former spouse, sharing as the circle of earthly life completed for my daughter – forever thirty-nine. Celebrating life, love, faith and support of one another helped ease our torn hopes and future plans. A memorial honoring her will happen when gathering is permitted.
Silk 12” x 21” (Including frame). Price: consult w/artist.

Contact: 651-380-1427 or


Angela Frederickson

Title: “Hand blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder”

During this time of quarantine I have been able to feel more connected to nature and the simple things in life a little more than I used to. Spending more time outdoors enjoying the green grass, budding trees, flowers blooming and the variety of birds has brought me great joy. My favorite are the hummingbirds which have made their way to Minnesota and are one of the most enjoyable birds to watch in my opinion. SOLD.



Rick Miner

Title: New Life

There is always an opportunity for a new start or beginning when you have a solid foundation to build on, like the recycled pine block of wood used to carve this loon with her new chick. There is hope for a new start. The loon is Minnesota’s state bird with a long recognized history. 15”l x 7”w x 7”h
hand carved, signed native Minnesota (recycled) White Pine, $269.

Contact: or 651-403-0044


Judy Dannholz

Title: “Peaceful III”

The painting was started last summer on location at the Heritage Center in Wisconsin. I finished the piece during the pandemic. What a difference a few months make!

16”x 20” Watercolor, $145.


Bob Lyksett
Title: New Beginning’s
Sifting through the confusion of the past months has been difficult for everyone. Dealing with altered norms and concerns about the health of our family and friends, we have been diverted from the smaller things in life. One thing that doesn’t stop appearing, is new life! Through the disruptions of Mother Nature’s virus, she still remembers that “life goes on”. Just like our own children who may not grasp the magnitude of our current situation regarding the pandemic, baby animals have no idea what is ahead of them in their life’s adventures. They must rely on the guidance of each other. Fine art photo print , 16×20, $125.
Contact: tel: 801-718-1906



Jeanine Huot

Title: “Essential Wings”

Inspired by all of our hard-working nurses, doctors, physicians, surgEMTs and other healthcare workers I created a special glass piece. Curved fused glass for shelf, countertop or window sill. H 4” by W 9” by D 2”. $60



Elaine Frederickson

Title: “The Wine Bottle”

Travel is about the memories we make. During the pandemic shut down I was
searching for subject matter. I found this unopened wine bottle I purchased in a grocery store in a small town in Italy on our way to Rome. I was drawn to this bottle because of the hand printed label and twig securing the cork to the bottle.
Watercolor, 24”x 30” framed, $425.


Todd Williams

Title: Basket weave illusion

Sometimes it is in the making or doing that transports our mind to another place. This labor-intensive “basket weave illusion” is an example of that. Each of the more than 3800 segments of wood is delineated by pyrography and then a pattern is created by coloring with India inks. The result mimics finely woven basketry, such as made by Native Americans. The design is entirely my own, but was inspired by baskets made by tribes in the American southwest. Wood with pyrography and ink, size: 5” diameter x 5.5” tall, $300

Contact: Website Email


Becky Benson

Title: “Summer Breezes”
I developed this piece during the stay at home for the pandemic. This piece took many different directions before it came to be. I had a hard time working at first and then I focused on all the positive things in my life – the health of family, Spring springing, and looking forward to the coming summer. I Hope this makes you feel joyful and carefree. Acrylic on canvas, 48”x 36”, $959.00.


Steve King

Title: “River View”

During the quarantine, I resented not being able to go, see and do whatever I wanted. I created a glass river view I could imagine seeing out my window. $270.




Curtis Dale

Title: “Wild and Free”

These friends are joined in expressing their very nature as they thunder over the same ground in the same moment, side by side, breathing the same air, and dashing toward a common goal. This is the way we were before.

20x20x2″ deep glicée on canvas – SOLD 651.494.2468




Merle Schoess

Title: “Rough Waters”

Shortly after the shelter in place order was given, this painting was done on a new and highly recommended paper. The result was an unexpected and unusually rough surface.

“Rough Waters” seemed to be the appropriate title, symbolic of both painting and the world we live in. Alcohol ink, 12”x 12” – If interested contact artist.




Ann Meulener

Title: “Hope”

My painting became a sign of “hope” during this time of despair from the growing pandemic. I believe it’s the little things in life, such as this tulip bouquet, that can sometimes help us to cope and carry on through such difficult times. People need to have hope for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

16” x 20”, NFS

Contact: Etsy.AnnMeuleners or




Mary Bluth

Title: “Young Lives on Hold”

While trying to navigate through this global pandemic, I was struck by the impact that quarantine and distancing may have on my granddaughters’ lives. Missed social events, college and job opportunities leave them disappointed, isolated, saddened and uncertain that life, as they would like it to be, has been put on hold. I attempt to portray these emotions on this young girls face, together with the offering of “Hope Springs Eternal!” Mixed media, 14” x 18” (includes frame), $85.00.





Heather Elliott

Title: “Contemplation”

During the pandemic I’ve spent a significant amount of time in my gardens. My love of flowers, gardening, and nature often finds its way into my work. This piece explores the layers of uncertainty we’ve faced this year, our connection to the past, and hints at the hopefulness of spring. Acrylic and mixed media, 20” x 20”, $800.






Becky Schlagel

Title: “Black Flowers”
Beauty can be found, if you look around… so many wonders from above.
Multi-paint mediums on a 48”x 24” canvas. SOLD.



Deborah Healy

Title: “A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships”

Only with inclusivity is competence found.

Mixed media on acid-free paper. Image size 3.5″ x 3.5″, Framed size 10.5″ x 10.5″, SOLD.

Contact: Tele. 651-300-8271




This experience is so profound and has touched each person in a different way – for some there will never be an end. The seriousness of this event has impaired their ability to produce in their normal creative way.

We want to pay homage to all those artists who have felt unable to create, because that, too,  is a true reaction to the seriousness of the pandemic.