Medium: Paintings: Acrylics and Oils

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I’m a Stillwater artist, painting mostly landscapes inspired by daily walks on nearby trails, and along the St Croix River.  I also have recently begun creating paintings from travel experiences. As I work, it’s most important to me to attempt to recreate the feelings and recollections that awaken all of the senses attached to those places through the use of color and light. I’d love for you to feel the afternoon heat as the orange of the Mexican sky lights up the ocean. I’m trying to create the opportunity for the viewer to relate to what I’ve painted in a way that allows them to place themselves within the painting and recall their own stories. I use both brushes and palette knives, creating effects of layering thin, translucent with textural marks that create representational paintings in an impressionistic style in Acrylics and Oils.

Thanks for looking and I hope you find something in my paintings that inspires you too.