Medium: Painting: Watercolor
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I started watercolor painting as a hobby in late 2016. I quickly found how much I loved painting, and overtime selling my work on the side allowed me to make it my full-time business.

I tried out a few of the different finishes watercolor can have and found myself developing my style that I call Cartoon Realistic. I get my finish and detail by painting lighter layers and sometimes using dryer paint.

I love to travel, so painting for me is a way of seeing places I haven’t yet, or getting to remember them as I paint them. Painting my 50 states series was a huge adventure for me. It means so much to me when people connect with my art, and it makes them feel something or remember special times.

I’ve recently started a collection called “Looking for Some Light” with paintings that are meant to spread hope. It’s been awesome to challenge myself for my work to convey more emotion.