Medium: Painting



My work is a calling. It is born of an innate sense and appreciation of the beauty in the world. Color, shape, composition, and the way light plays into all of it.

 I began the practice of abstract painting because I am able to communicate my feelings using all of these things with basically no rules. It is extremely solitary and meditative to paint, and I work intuitively. I begin with a gesture, a line, a plane of color, and each step informs the next. Some pieces are quiet, and sometimes I am in need of more color and action. I am inspired by many things. The season of the year, a landscape, the hunger for a certain color, a dream….or, best of all, That Magic Hour when all the colors pop as the sun hits that sweet spot. The painting usually tells me when it is finished, and if I am lucky, it feels like a moment of alchemy.