Medium: Painting
Phone: 715-417-0140
Website: Instagram@envybrock



I am a Maker. From the wonder of making things as a young child, to my college years studying art education, through the many classes and workshops I have taken throughout my life…I have always enjoyed the creative process, and always learn something new. The goal is “To Keep Learning”!! I have worked in many mediums, including fiber, oils, metals, and assemblage sculpture. My current medium of choice is acrylic painting balanced with assemblage “Wall Jewelry” and sculpture. I find that working in two mediums is both satisfying and stimulating. When I reach a problem or something that puzzles me in one medium, I switch to the other for a time. When I return to the first, the solution is often easier to solve… any rate, it works for me!
I find inspiration in the world around me. It might be an object I randomly come across, or a cloud or certain view out my back door. To me, the wonder of art is that everything has a certain beauty if you are open to seeing it. When I am in “art mode”, things look differently and I am thankful I can see them in that way. Making art is often a solitary endeavor, which I enjoy, but I also take delight in the connection a piece may have with another person. It may evoke an emotion, jog a memory, or simply give the enjoyment of sharing time and space with something that appeals to you. I like things whimsical and full of color and try to capture that in my work. I’m currently working on a series called “Space Cats”, just for fun!! It relates to a favorite saying “Don’t Try to Understand, Just Enjoy the Ride”.