Historic and picturesque Stillwater provides fertile ground for Valley artists. Many of their works exhibited at the gallery feature the St. Croix River, Stillwater’s unique lift bridge, paddlewheel boats and historic buildings.  Click on any of the photos or title links below for examples of our artists’ works.

Collage and Mixed Media
Each of our fiber and fabric artists creates unique signature work ranging from weaving to textile wall art. All have extensive inventories available for fabric enthusiasts and collectors. Enjoy your time among their creations.

Drawings and Paintings
Our large selection of oils, acrylics, gouache, and mixed media range from realism to the abstract. While many pieces capture the charm of Stillwater and surrounding area, you’ll also find works portraying cultures and landscapes around the world.

Fabric and Fiber
Textiles – We are proud to have several artists working in the fine art textiles arena. Each creates very different signature work ranging from weaving to textile wall art. Each has an extensive inventory of artwork available for fabric enthusiasts and collectors. We think you will enjoy viewing these artworks up close and personal.

Our glass artists create truly stunning pieces in both traditional stained glass designs and textured etched glass. These artists create unique fused glass designs, beautiful vessels, glass structures, and framed glass art. Our artists create both fused glass pieces and hand blown glass creations.

Each of our jewelers has a unique, person style. Their collections of artist-designed jewelry include beads and antique crystals, hand cut stones, wire wraps, fine silver and gold pieces. Come see our selection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.


Our photography collection includes images of favorite local landmarks, local wildlife, and people and landscapes from around the world. Choose from stunning color, dramatic black and white, or exciting digitally enhanced prints.

Pottery and Ceramics
Our potters create everything from essential functional items to unique decorative pieces. We have Porcelain pieces  with beautiful glazes, clay pottery with bright decorative colors and durable stoneware fired in a full palette of colored glazes.

Whether it be silk screen, lithography,  serigraphs, block printings or etchings, you’re sure to find that special gift or print to take home.


Our sculptors have been busy creating representational and abstract works from wood, clay,  steel, stone, and found objects.

Our gallery is fortunate to have very talented and experienced wood turners. The wood they use is of the finest quality and aged to allow the boldest characteristics to appear.