Medium:   Photography
Phone:  801-718-1906

Bob Lyksett specializes in Sports and Outdoor photography. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from Weber Stae University and studying Fine Art at the University of Utah, Bob pursued the television news industry and other forms of Documentary Photojournalism. He has spent most of his life in the mountain west and Rocky Mountains, photographing nature, wildlife, Fine Art photography and teaching photography in Park City, Utah. Bob is an accomplished sports photographer and traveled the professional rodeo circuit throughout the Rocky Mountain states until moving to the St. Croix Valley in 2014 to continue teaching and photographing his new environment. Bob has provided cover photography for both regional and national magazines and has a strong interest in architectural photography. Bob is a co-owner of the Stillwater Artist Guild Gallery and his favorite place to hide or get away is to visit the Minneapolis Museum of Fine Art (if not to hike around in the mountians!)