Your Place for Art: 402 North Main  Street
Phone:  651-689-0149


The St. Croix Valley began attracting artists more than a century ago, and today it remains a destination for artists and art collectors. Its charm and tranquility are readily accessible, and visitors from around the world come for art, fine dining, and to experience the natural beauty of the river itself.

Our Gallery, which has been in business in Stillwater for over 20 years, is in the Historic District of Stillwater, the earliest incorporated city in Minnesota. Much of downtown is on the National Register of  Historic Sites that runs alongside the beautiful St. Croix River, the central feature of the St. Croix National Scenic Waterway that separates Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Our gallery is in the historic Isaac Staples Sawmill built more than a hundred and twenty years ago adjacent to the river, where logs from forests to the north floated downstream to the sawmills in Stillwater.

We are hosts to nearly 90 artists and artisans from Minnesota and Wisconsin. You will find a wide choice of excellent works rendered in a variety of media and styles, and new art produced by some of the region’s finest artists arrives almost daily.

Stillwater features numerous restaurants, bistros, and lodging in a wide price range. Be sure to visit us whether you come for a day, a week, or longer.