Medium:   Sculpture
website:  instagram ,   kamrathsculpture


As a child Jon dreamed of being an artist, filling galleries or creating large outdoor sculptures in public places. He studied art and art education at Concordia College and even received his Masters of Fine Arts from Iowa State University.  Jon successfully landed the greatest job ever, an Art Teacher, and loved inspiring students for over a decade.  Eventually he decided it was time to use all the lessons he had learned from thousands of students, and took a “short break” from his dream job to focus on his own artistic vision, quickly finding great success.  Years later, he is still living out his childhood fantasy, filling galleries and sculpting large-scale outdoor works for cities, universities, corporations and private collectors.  He is still thrilled to learn about the successes of his former art students and even occasionally collaborates on various projects such as publishing a book or organizing exhibitions.  

Jon’s studio is located in Mahtomedi, MN, where he lives with his muse and their 3 young children.  He inherited craftsmanship skills, love of tools, and architectural appreciation from working with his father as a finish carpenter during the summers and now blends these skills with the playful inspiration of his kids and the artistic vocabulary he learned through studying and teaching art.  You can find more of Jon’s work on his website or social media pages.