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Nancy is a local artist, having grown up on a small farm in southern Minnesota.  She credits her childhood farm life for her appreciation of color, design and texture; with examples such as brilliant sunsets, delicate spider webs and leaves, and her parent’s flower garden.   Her passion for drawing started the minute she could hold a pencil.  Life happens, however, and sometimes our passion takes a backseat to other priorities.

Nancy originally worked in oils and then gravitated to color pencils.   Her technique involves subtle complexity in the medium by layering multiple colors upon each other.  Her effect is to see the primary color from a distance and see many, many colors when looking at the work up close. Nancy has completed several commissioned works, including several human and pet portraits.

Now retired, she enjoys time to satisfy her desire to draw and has taken on a new medium of silver and bronze jewelry.   She also designs batik watercolor greeting cards. She has exhibited her work at Woodwinds, St. Olaf, and Lakeview Hospitals, and also through a local TV station in Austin, Minnesota.   Nancy is part owner in the gallery and has been a member artist for 11 years.