Medium: Painting,  Pottery and Ceramics


I enjoy different mediums: oil, acrylic and watercolork painting, sketching and colored pencil drawing  hand building clay fish and making wheel pots.  My favorite subject for art is landscape and nature. This is  due partly to enjoying the outdoors through hiking, camping and travel. The various terrain and nature create beautiful and interesting subjects.

The paintings you see here are oil, acryic or watercolor painting. Lately, I have gone back to doing some colored pencil drawings. The images are from sketches and photographs I or my husband have taken while exploring the outddoors. Some of the art was started on location and finished in the studio.

The fish I create are all individually hand built from patterns I have drawn of basiclly Minnesota fish. No two are exacty aiike. The idea for creating fish was a project I came up with when teaching. I thought creating fish was a good way of teaching student to create texture in clay.