I’m a Stillwater native, wife and work from home mama. For my undergraduate I went to Benedictine College in Atchison, KS, graduation with Bachelors degree in Art and Theology. During school I began exploring a blend of painting styles, color and texture that would evoke a sense of nostalgia, awe, longing, memory and mystery. I continue to be inspired by painters like Wyeth, Cezanne and Turner who were able to capture a sense deeper meaning behind physical reality. These days my work flows from the riches of simple  home and family life, and perspective of transcendent meaning within all things and a a deep love of nature of course! I’ve always been drawn to sunlight and shadow trickling over the texture of a landscape and the vast array of glowing colors hidden within a simple scene. The Midwest landscape, something simple, sometimes rugged, always has some new and beautiful surprise. I see a hundred potential paintings a day, but  what I choose to paint is usually the scene that’s left such an impression in my mind that I want to return to it and draw that moment out in time for myself and others.