Raghda’s love of nature, living things and traveling to distant lands are emphasized in her art. As far as her memory can go back, she loved sketching and drawing. She enjoyed pencils as a comfortable and forgiving medium. Creating art has been Raghda’s resort at the moments of distress. She re-adopted her talent after being injured while practicing her duties as a nurse shortly after graduation. Unable to get back to work, she was inspired to paint once again. Her art evolved quickly. Raghda was able to create more sophisticated and detailed figurative, landscape and still life art works. Raghda has a series that represents part of her identity to show the beauty of the common ground among religions. She has been exhibiting her work in the state of Minnesota since 2018. In March 2019, Raghda’s work was recognized and she was granted first place of the Author Award for her “Eternity” artwork at Mirrored Mosaics Exhibition.