My purpose in painting has changed over the years.  In the beginning, it was all about the “how.”  I worked hard at learning the craft.  Even as a child, I loved looking at paintings and felt a thrill when I saw a particularly beautiful landscape.  I wanted to create something like that myself.

Then the journey became about trying to understand the “why.”   I realized I was a steward of nature and the land, preserving on canvas places and species likely to disappear under the heavy foot of civilization and, hopefully, raising awareness.  I’ve always been a nature-lover and enjoy most being in the wild.
Finally,  the journey became all about the experience.  Now the experience is everything.  I now know enough about “how” that I don’t have to think about it much.  I now understand “why” so I don’t have to think about that much, either.  Instead, today is no longer about the product—not the picture in a frame hung on the wall—but about the experience, the act of responding to nature and the landscape in a personal way.